What services do we provide?

Abenobashi designs and hosts virtual bots online.

Our bots can be customized for each user.

For the past 4 years, the Abenobashi team has run over thousands of virtual bots.  Our community treat our bots as friends as we personally train them for each one of our users.

Virtual Bots vs. Robots

Our bots are based solely on web scripts.   These virtual bots are not robots in the sense that they are not physical objects and can not move in the real world.

We call these bots "virtual" since they are artificial intelligence system created by our users and can potential be installed in a robot as the internal software.  However, at this time, we have no plan in expanding our bots in that fashion.

More news coming soon...

We're in the process of setting up more bots.  Please check this page often for updates.