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Current Active Bots: 134

2010 Promotion: register a game bot today and you get a free inuyashaworld email address! (i.e. Emily@inuyashaworld.com)

Now, you can have your very own personalized Virtual InuYasha Bot!

Here are some of the basic things you can do with your bot:

  • Tell your bot about yourself, he will your remember your favorite hobbies, food, color, etc!
  • Teach the bot how to talk.
  • Feed the bot daily to keep them pretty and smart (bot needs food too you know)
  • Display and publish your new pet bot in our bot showcase
  • Change the bot's mood (happy, mad, surprised, etc)
  • Find out what people have asked your bot and how your bot replied to their questions!
  • Erase stuff you no longer wish your bot to remember. *NEW FEATURE*
  • Enter your bot in our smart bot competitions!

SMART BOT CONTEST - See which bot's more popular?

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