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Game Bot - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the game bots free?
    • We ask bot owners to donate five dollars through Paypal. This money helps us develop new and more fun features for the bots!

  • I just signed up for a bot, how do I log in?
    • You log in at the login page. Your bot should be activated as soon as you complete the sign up process. The username is the trainer name you used to sign up with. The email is the email you used to purchase your bot - Paypal email.

  • I was able to log in before, but I haven't visited my bot in a few days and now I can't log in.
    • As soon as your bot is registered, it is automatically "fed" by the system. After which point, you're suppose to log in and feed it everyday. If you forget to feed it for over FIVE days, this bot will die of starvation and forget about you. This is why you can no longer access the bot. We feel bad for you for losing your bot, but unfortunately the system is unable to retrieve erased data. This is why you need to be responsible and take good care of your pet bot! We invite you to sign up for another bot and take better care of it this time.

  • Okay, I tried everything and I still can't log in! (and no, I didn't forget to feed the bot or this is my first time logging in)
    • Alrighty, no worries. If you have purchased your bot, we will MAKE SURE you get to train it! Send us an email (email subject: BOT PROBLEM!) and include whatever information you remember, stuff like your username, your paypal email will be very helpful. We will get back to you as soon as we can and help you log in successfully.

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