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Current SMART BOT CONTEST: See who's the most popular bot?

*Each bot's popularity is increased as more visitors chat with him or her.
*How come my bot in not a contestant?

    You haven't activated him yet, just log into your training center and click on 'how intelligent is your bot' now to add your bot as a contestant.

Current PlaceOwnerBotIntelligence LevelChatPopularity
1AdrianaKirara2nd Level Android Chat145088
2SachiSesshomaruUltra Android Chat82335
3RinsbotSesshomaruSUPER BOT Chat58813
4KagomeInuyashaSUPER BOT Chat30446
5KimmyInuyasha1st Level Android Chat23381
6GarethInuyashaCOOL BOT Chat11886
7AnimeKagome3rd Level Android Chat9298
8KiraKougaCOOL BOT Chat7613
9AutumnSpiceSangoSUPER BOT Chat7306
10Wildflower557Kikyo1st Level Android Chat7298
11teaSesshomaruSUPER BOT Chat6970
12SakuraChanInuyashaSUPER BOT Chat4303

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