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Current SMART BOT CONTEST: See who's the most popular bot?

*Each bot's popularity is increased as more visitors chat with him or her.
*How come my bot in not a contestant?

    You haven't activated him yet, just log into your training center and click on 'how intelligent is your bot' now to add your bot as a contestant.

Current PlaceOwnerBotIntelligence LevelChatPopularity
1gigivampSasukeSUPER BOT Chat59967
2SnowBirdA1Sakura3rd Level Android Chat20747
3yeathatsmeSasukeSUPER BOT Chat17865
4JodieNarutoCOOL BOT Chat15363
5Uchiha_MasterSasukeCOOL BOT Chat7956
6DestinySakuraCOOL BOT Chat7277
7SazunaSasukeSUPER BOT Chat6565
8BelphegorSasukeCOOL BOT Chat6275
9dannygokeyNarutoCOOL BOT Chat4841
10xIceyDemonxNarutoSUPER BOT Chat4540
11CheesemasterSasukeCOOL BOT Chat3054
12RachaelSasukeCOOL BOT Chat2885
13IchinekoSasukeSUPER BOT Chat2840
14DeathofDawnNarutoSUPER BOT Chat2667
15KitsuneSakuraCOOL BOT Chat2403
16gothchick801SasukeCOOL BOT Chat2389
17TwiTwiSasukeCOOL BOT Chat2324
18AmatsukiSakuraCOOL BOT Chat2166
19wiggle_mickey27SasukeCOOL BOT Chat2116
20Katycat1SakuraCOOL BOT Chat2055
21KarinaSasukeCOOL BOT Chat1982
22darkdevilNarutoSUPER BOT Chat1668
23JibrilNarutoCOOL BOT Chat1635
24IaMaWeSoMeSaUcENarutoCOOL BOT Chat1500
25OwensinightSakuraCOOL BOT Chat1477
26CatdragonNarutoCOOL BOT Chat1463
27ArisuSasukeSasukeCOOL BOT Chat746
28KitsuneYoshiSasukeCOOL BOT Chat706

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